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Writing a Novel with Pictures

A painting titled “This is Father” by the famous Indian artist Atul Dodiya. This image had been in my mind when I was writing what became My Beloved Life. I go over this connection, and others, in a piece I wrote for Hazlitt magazine. As I say in the piece somewhere, to incorporate photographs and… Read more »

Fathers and Sons and Daughters

Pub. date for My Beloved Life. LitHub has put up an essay of mine on the writers I read over the past few years reporting on the death of their fathers. I found consolation in their words and I hope that you do too.


I just posted a SubStack entry on voice, flagging my Audible recording of my new novel (sample it here) as well as an essay on voice in writing.

Platform Magazine Interview

An interview with me has just come out in Platform Magazine. I’m posting this primarily because the author photo was taken by my former student and now international artist Caleb Stein. (It was a cold day in December, a couple of years ago, and we just went to the creek that flows behind my house…. Read more »

Bangalore Litfest

I will be at the Bangalore Literature Festival. My latest, The Yellow Book, will be released there. More about the book here. [Late addition: here is a little write-up about two conversations I had at the #blrlitfest.] Also, this discussion with writers and an editor I hugely admire.    


Here’s the cover of my new novel being published by Knopf on February 27, 2024. The cover was designed by Oliver Munday. I will urge you (only a million times) to pre-order the book here. My Beloved Life is being published in India by Aleph, by Picador in the UK, and by Hamish Hamilton in… Read more »

River Notes

I’m starting a Substack with an account of my journey, beginning June 25, through small towns and cities on the banks of the Ganges. Subscribe here.