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The Blue Book: A Writer’s Journal
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“To mull over a beautiful line while looking upon a beautiful painting is the sublime pleasure offered by Amitava Kumar’s The Blue Book. This painted diary is a collage of the personal and the political, of terrifying news, the fleeting seasons, everyday pleasures, precious conversations, families and friendships—and on every page, the solace of art.” — KIRAN DESAI

“A lovely homage to—and extension of—the tradition of writer-artists such as John Berger.” — GEOFF DYER

“It’s not good to read another person’s diary. But Amitava Kumar makes the experience so intimate in The Blue Book that you don’t feel guilty. You feel like it is your own.” — GULZAR

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A Time Outside This Time

“a shimmering assault on the Zeitgeist”The New Yorker

“a novel that argues, by resisting both disinformation and the dogma of facts
— and convinces me — that writing and reading fiction is the best way to
make sense of our times.” — Financial Times

“A Time Outside This Time beautifully collages our exploded present
with anger and wit. It was the most potent reading experience
I’d had in recent memory.” — BOMB