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We are living in trying times. In case of emergency, start writing.

Every Day I Write the Book is a persuasive instance of the sort of rare nonfiction performance Amitava Kumar invokes within its pages; he at once defines and exemplifies a vital modern nonfiction tradition. Full of pragmatic analyses and recommendations, this enthralling, important book will prove to be compelling and useful across many audiences.” — Robert Polito

“Amitava Kumar’s Every Day I Write the Book compels a cluster of adjectives—eclectic, ruminative, associative, probing, and personal—all of which, taken together, only begin to describe this unique writing sensibility. Turning the pages we find ourselves riding shotgun through the reading and writing life of a true cosmopolitan intellectual. Kumar instructs and inspires, running on all cylinders.” — Sven Birkerts

“A guide for academic writers that is also relevant to anyone who cares about fine prose. . . . An engaging, perceptive companion for all writers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“An inventive essay collection . . . a celebration of ‘the value, the ease, and also the excitement of crafting writing that hasn’t been produced to please a committee.’ Grad students and tenure seekers will appreciate the support Kumar’s insightful and intellectually nimble book offers, even as they buckle down to the task at hand—satisfying that committee of readers.”  — Publishers Weekly


 Immigrant, Montana: A Novel (published by Faber in the UK, Knopf in the US, Penguin Random House in Canada, and in translation by publishers elsewhere).

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Naming it among the favorite books of 2018, Canada’s Globe & Mail says that this book “reinvents the immigrant novel

“…consistently surprising and hilarious… This novel is an inventive delight…” – Publisher’s Weekly (starred review.)

“Its aim is not to tell a story, exactly, but to create a portrait of a mind moving uneasily between a new, chosen culture and the one left behind.” — The New Yorker

“consistently entertaining” — The New York Times

Editors’ Choice at the New York Times

“a bold and provocative counter-narrative… We live in a world of #MeToo; this novel fearlessly unmasks some great men, making political stalwarts and revolutionaries stumble down from their pedestals.”—The Guardian

“… Immigrant, Montana is razor-sharp, told meditatively and youthfully, and is just as entertaining as it is serious.” PEN America

“As cerebral as it is sensual… Immigrant, Montana is intelligent, melancholy, quirky. At a time when feelings run high over which immigrants get to call themselves American, Kailash’s idiosyncratic voice adds a welcome tonic note to the debate.” Boston Globe

Vanity Fair puts Immigrant, Montana on “This Season’s Ultimate Fiction List

Also, published in India in 2017, under the title The Lovers: A Novel (Aleph Book Company).