FORTHCOMING: Immigrant, Montana: A Novel (published by Faber in the UK, Knopf in the US, and in translation by  publishers elsewhere).

Also, published in India in 2017, under the title The Lovers: A Novel (Aleph Book Company).

“a dazzling treatise on the nature of reality, fiction and desire”

The Hindu

“The Lovers aligns itself with that great tradition of mixed-form novels by writers such as W.G. Sebald, John Berger, Geoff Dyer and Teju Cole…”

Sunday Guardian

“While Kumar’s previous books have mostly stayed in the realm of non-fiction—Lunch With A Bigot comprised a collection of superb essays, A Matter Of Rats was a wonderful rumination on Patna, but also on writing about places, Bombay London New York was a figurative wandering through these cities in search of the themes and inspirations of Indian writers in English—The Lovers is clearly subtitled A Novel. But Kumar’s storytelling becomes genre-defying, almost playfully so. In the tradition of W.G. Sebald, Patrick Modiano, Péter Esterházy, Kumar too riotously blends the factual, the real, with the fictional…”


“…a sharp blend of fiction, non-fiction, myth-making and history, telling a story that perhaps only Kumar can.”



Open Magazine

“…the book, in addition to being a novel about love, is about the process of writing itself.”

The Wire

“Part fictionalized memoir, part academic discussion of history and memory, and part erotic romance, the novel is riveting. Amitava Kumar’s The Lovers makes its readers think, even against their will.”

India Today